Shelli Schoenbeck

Licensed Esthetician

Shelli has been a caring and compassionate caregiver her whole life. She is a licensed cosmetologist, a dental assistant, and now an esthetician. After working in cosmetology for four years, she became a certified dental assistant and held that position for 20 years. She will occasionally use her dental skills but the esthetics services are quickly taking most of her time.

She has fantastic results and recommendations from her esthetics clients. She received many awards and recognition from Empire Beauty School where she graduated in 2018. Her soft and caring touch has brought her loyal and happy clients. She is excited to continue offering all the latest in advanced skin care techniques and products.

Shelli prides herself on continuously acquiring knowledge. She is committed to never-ending learning and improvement. Along with this is her desire to bring great results thorough her various treatments to her clients. She is attentive to each clients needs and can offer the best in products and treatments to achieve great results.