Paul Schoenbeck


The world is constantly changing. Growing, redefining, discovering, and innovating are all traits of the modern world. These traits also describe those of Dr. Paul Schoenbeck. He has always been ahead of the curve, an early adopter of technology and skills, and finds ways to utilize these traits for the benefit of his patients.

Dr. Schoenbeck originally had little desire to pursue the use of Botox in his practice. However, due to constant requests by his patients to provide this service, he relented, and in 2011 he took an introductory course to find out more about it. Afterwards, he attended the Pacific Training Institute for Facial Aesthetics. He completed both the basic and advanced curricula at the institute. Being mentored and trained by Dr. Warren Roberts, he learned the details in providing exceptional results with the use of Botox..

Since then, he has had a remarkable result with this aspect of his practice. It has grown into a steady stream of new and returning clients. The confidence and appreciation of the clients is evident by the continual growth of the esthetic treatments he has provided. The addition of medical grade skin care products (PCA line) helped to achieve better results for the clients. Then, with the adoption of the Pellevé technology more people realized the benefits of this professional service. As the need grew, so has the practice. Dr. Jackson provides Pellevé procedures, as does our licensed esthetician Shelli Schoenbeck. With increased demand, came the training of more skills. Dr. Schoenbeck is now certified to provide dermal fillers.

To provide all these services, NCD has invested in the establishment of a high quality Private Spa treatment room at both of their locations. Having the comfort of a luxury spa setting with the anonymity of a dental practice has further helped to boost the numbers of clientele.

Being humble is another trait of Dr. Schoenbeck. To ask him why this aspect of the practice has become so successful, he will reply that it is because of his great and dedicated staff and the appreciation of his patients and their word of mouth recommendations which have made this busy and successful. Of course, we know that a lot of it has to do with his great care and skill.